triple constraint(三角约束)

An important focus of project management is the need to manage the so-called triple constraint.(工程管理的一个重要的焦点是管理所谓的三角约束)

Constraint           Importance

Time                The time constraint refers to the amount of time available to complete the project. A tight time constraint could mean increased costs and reduced scope.(时间约束是指用来完成工程的可用的时间量,一个紧的时间约束意味着花费的增加和范围的减少。)

Cost                The cost constraint refers to the amount of budget available to complete the project. A tight cost constraint could mean increased
time and reduced scope.(费用约束是指用来完成工程的可用的预算,一个紧的费用约束意味着时间的增加和范围的减少。)

Scope               The scope constraint refers to what must to be done to produce the project’s end result. Scope is based on customer’s requirements.
Increased scope means increased time and increased costs.(范围约束是指为了做出工程结果什么必须做,范围是建立在客户的需求的基础上的,增加范围意味着时间的增加和费用的增加。)


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