Techniques for Discovering Requirements


Face-to-face interview(面谈):

Can gather information from facial expressions/body language.(可以从面部表情和肢体语言得到信息)

Can ask questions in any order and ask follow up

Can show client documents.(可以展示给客户文档)

Expensive-Have to arrange to meet.(昂贵,需要安排会面)


Telephone interview(电话访问):

No Need to travel to meet client.(不需要去和客户见面)

Cannot see client.(不能见到客户。。。蛋疼的回答。。。)

Cannot show them document.(不能给他们展示文档)

Survey questionnaire(问卷调查):

An inexpensive way of gathering information from a large number of people.(一个从大量的人中获取信息的不昂贵的方法)

Survey can be completed in client's own time.(调查可以在客户自己的时间里完成)

Survey may not be completed.(调查可能不被完成)

Cannot explain questions.(不能解释问题)

Cannot ask follow up questions.(不能问跟进的问题)


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