Waterfall Model for Software Development(瀑布模型)


Provide milestones(提供里程碑。).

Provide data for schedule planning(提供日程安排的数据。).

Provide data for staff planning(提供员工安排的数据。).

The process looks rational(这个过程看起来是合理的。).

The model gives the manager confidence in the progress of the project.(这个模型让经理对这个项目的处理有信心。)



No room for feedback.(没有反馈的空间)

Present a management framework, not suitable for software development.(代表一个管理的框架,不适合软件开发)

Doesn't allow change.(不允许改变)

Real projects rarely sequential-iteration required.(真正的项目需求很少是顺序迭代的)

Difficulty in user stating all requirements early.(使用者早早地说明所有需求是困难的)

Working version of program not available until late in the life cycle.(可行的程序版本直到生命周期的末期才可以利用)

Developers often delayed-blocking states.(开发者经常处于延迟堵塞状态)


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