What Makes a Pragmatic Programmer?

Early adopter/fast adapter. You have an instinct for technologies and techniques, and you live tring things out. When given something new, you can grasp it quickly and integrate it with the rest of your knowledge. Your confidence is born of experience.
Inquisitive(showing curiosity). You tend to ask questions. You are a pack rat for little facts, each of which may affact some decision years from now.
Critical thinker. You rarely take things as given without first getting the facts.
Realistic. You try to understand the underlying nature of each problem you face. This realism gives you a good feel for how difficult things are, and how long things will take.
Jack of all trades. You try hard to be familiar with a broad range of new developments. Although your current job may require you to be a specialist, you will be able to move on to new areas and new challenges.

Tip 1
Care About Your Craft
Tip 2
Think! About Your Work
In order to be a Pragmatic Programmer, we’re challenging you to think about what you’re doing while you’re doing it. This isn’t a one-time audit(a methodical examination or review of a condition or situation)  of current practices-it’s an ongoing critical appraisal of every decision you make, every day, and on every development. Never run on auto-pilot. Constantly be thinking, critiquing your work in real time.
…THINK!, is the Pragmatic Programmer’s mantra



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